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Does Internet Marketing Offer Greater Flexibility Than Conventional Marketing?

Internet marketing comes with multiple options that help in reaching billions or millions of current and prospective customers. Some of the common internet marketing tools are Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube, Pinterest, email, corporate websites, and blogs. On the other hand, the conventional marketing options are limited with a limited reach. 

This is what people know about internet marketing and conventional marketing. And based on this, they decide what’s best for their companies. Here, people miss a very important point or factor, which is flexibility. 

Undoubtedly, internet marketing offers greater flexibility than conventional marketing. We will explain “how”. 

Internet marketing vs. conventional marketing

In conventional marketing, the printed marketing piece cannot be altered unless it is redesigned and reprinted, with the accompanying costs. It means the company has to bear expenses for original printing as well as reprinting to present something new to the audience. 

On the other hand, there are no such criteria for internet marketing. Also, the expenses don’t increase. 

What flexibility does internet marketing offer?

Internet marketing is much easier to tweak. If you have a Linkedin company profile, you can quickly change it to show new business products and services as the result of your company expansion. You can even use A/B testing to determine the subject line of the email. The subject line should be such that it effectively resonates with the customers and encourages them to open and read the email. 

Like Linkedin, you can tailor a Facebook ad to suit a specific local audience of a predetermined age range and who have a common interest. This is very different from the conventional “spray and pray” approach of marketing. The best part is you can measure the effectiveness of a targeted marketing campaign using numerous electronic tools. 

The last and most important flexibility offered by internet marketing is the creation of meaningful links between a business and its customers. Customers have the option to react to blog posts, tweets, and Facebook posts. They cannot do this for conventional marketing pieces. They have to accept them in the same way without giving any response. 

The response of customers helps the business to know their true needs and opinions. Based on that, the products and services are adapted to meet the needs of the customers, resulting in greater sales and improved profits. 

Wrapping Up

Flexibility in internet marketing is a bit tricky. You cannot change everything every time on your official accounts. To implement the changes, there are some protocols that you need to follow. And this isn’t possible without the help of professionals. 

We recommend hiring one of the best internet marketing services in Boston if you want to enjoy flexibility in your promotion campaigns. Professionals will make changes as per your business requirements, but only if they feel it’s right. Also, they will make sure that other things don’t get affected by the changes. 

In Boston, you can contact First Buzz Media for the best internet marketing services.