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Your Weekly Local SEO Strategy To Get More Out Of Your Time & Effort

If your goal as a marketer is to generate revenue from local customers in your neighborhood, an intense competition is waiting for you to scale back your local marketing efforts. When you struggle to focus on your local SEO strategy to boost your online presence and drive foot traffic to your business through digital leads, you should prepare for doing more with less to achieve your target goals.

It’s crucial to keep a regular framework of outputs if you want to boost your local SEO in a tight schedule for your marketing plans. This will help you to stand out in local online search results. Here is a list of the five areas you should concentrate on if you can only commit a few hours or less each week to your local marketing tasks.

Optimize Your Social and Google My Business Profile

One of the fundamentals of local SEO is having a complete and validated Google Business Profile listing. One of the biggest errors that marketers do when it comes to local SEO is to just upload a scant amount of data to Google Business Profile (GBP) and set it to run automatically. It is true for all your social profiles too. You must make sure that you are monitoring your listing in order to reply to customer feedback or inquiries.

You should ensure that you can be found on Google with the same ease as you can on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram because local search queries on your listings increased significantly over the past few years.

Ask for a review after completing a job for your clients

One of the most effective techniques to improve your ranking in local searches is to get five-star reviews from your customers/clients. Obtaining social proof through five-star reviews is a priceless approach to winning clients over to your brand. Simply request a review after completing a project, delivering a good or service, and providing a link where the client can submit their review. Additionally, you can use automated tools to direct visitors to your social media sites so they can give reviews. This is the more practical and efficient option if your business receives frequent new customers each week.

Publish blogs and web pages

To rank in local search result pages, your company’s website must include a certain amount of localized content in form of blogs and web pages. It helps you create local signals for search engines for linking your business to a target demography based on your localized content and keywords. You can publish new blogs, product/service pages, galleries, and news to keep your website up-to-date and visible in search results.

Expand Your Network’s Backlinks

The advantage of a local SEO strategy is that you typically don’t need to create tens of thousands of links. Instead, to improve your SEO positioning, you typically only need a few more than your local competition. Getting links from companies you have a relationship with is the simplest technique to increase backlinks to your website.

Build Local Citations

Citations are merely online references to your business name, location, office address, and contact number of your company on a listing website. You can benefit from citations even if they don’t have links, as stated. Google considers references to your brand to be a local authority ranking signal. Start by concentrating your early efforts on websites like Google, Bing, Facebook, and Yelp. Then search for five to ten directories that are focused on your industry, and then try to get your company listed there.

Even if you don’t have a lot of time to devote to local SEO, you can still get some remarkable results. Simply plan ahead for how you’ll use that time and what you’ll concentrate on. As a reputable local SEO company in Boston, we at First Buzz Media can help you appear in local searches easily and quickly. If you are looking for local SEO services near me in Boston, contact us to discuss your business requirements and goals.